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Entrance to Phillips Branch Trail

With so many waterfalls in the Wilson Creek area, we’ve only made it to a few. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

Phillips Branch

Shhhh-Best-kept secret! The trail head to Phillips Branch is an easy half-mile walk from Wilson Creek Preserve going north on Brown Mountain Beach Road. The entrance is on the left before the one lane bridge. We walked to and from the Campground to the Phillips Branch waterfall in one hour flat, in the rain.

Harper Falls

One mile up Brown Mountain Beach Road and then 1.5 mile hike up to the waterfall.

Hunt Fish Falls

7.5 mile drive from Wilson Creek Preserve

Some people say this is the best waterfall-swimming hole combo. I say wear your big-girl pants for the drive up there. Part of this drive includes a single lane twisty-turvey gravel road with limited visibility around tight curves. The kids love it! My prius, not so much.

To get there, drive North on Brown Mountain Beach Road to Betsy’s Ole Country Store (2.6 miles From Wilson Creek Preserve). Take a left onto Rt 90 and drive 1.8 miles to Pineola Road. Take a left onto Pineola Rd and drive about 3 miles until you see the parking lot for Hunt Fish Falls trailhead on the right.

For an extra-fun treat on your way to or from Hunt Fish Falls, check out Coffee’s General Store in Edgemont. They are usually only open on Saturdays and Sundays, but it’s such a short drive (1/2 mile north on 90) from the turn from 90 onto Pineola, it’s totally worth taking a minute or two to see the store from the outside, even if they’re not open. If they are open, I’ll guarantee you’ll never forget that landmark piece of Edgemont and Wilson Creek history. I hope you’ll get to talk to the owner, Glynis James. She’s an expert story-teller with a wealth of knowledge about just about everything and everyone in that neck of the woods. Anyone who enters the store will be fascinated by the variety and authenticity of the historical artifacts, resources and newsprint.

If only each person facing a challenge could have the reward of experiencing a waterfall upon completion.

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