Historic Bark Cabin

The Historic Bark Cabin was built by the Killian family after the 1940 flood at Wilson Creek. Mr. Robert Killian, Sr. built this cabin, as well as two others across the river, out of wood salvaged from the abandoned mill up the road. The Killian family is present nearby as our neighbors and friends. The adjacent Wilson Creek Trading Post is run by the Killian family.

The property was initially owned by the Phillips Family. There is a small Phillips Family Cemetery behind the cabin and some Phillips family history inside the cabin. This Phillips Family photo was likely taken on the land.

The cabin has three small porches, two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a living room, and a full kitchen and laundry. This small cabin sleeps 5 people. The master bedroom has a Queen bed. The second bedroom has both a Full and a Twin bed. Linens are provided. Satellite wifi is usually accessible here, but rarely any cell phone service.

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