The Campground

The Campground, previously named Killian Kamp or Camp Killian, was created by the Killian family in the 1970’s. The Killian family is present nearby as our neighbors and friends. The Brinker family became the new owners as of November of 2019.

Wilson Creek Preserve adjoins Wilson Creek for nearly 1/2 mile of river frontage. This is designated Hatchery Supported area. Armstrong Hatchery regularly stocks this section of the river with trout during the fishing season. Fishing is one of the most popular activities in the campground.

Campsites are leased on an annual basis beginning April 1st. Currently, twenty-two campers lease lots there on an annual basis. In the past, there were as many as 70 active campsites throughout the campground along Wilson Creek. We have a wait-list right now. If you’d like to be added to the wait-list, email or call or text Carla at 910-524-2195.

3 thoughts on “The Campground

  1. Good morning,
    My husband and I are interested in staying at the campground. How much is the annual? and how long is the waiting list?
    Thank you,
    The Yount’s


    1. Hi Tiffany, Thanks for your interest. We are not planning to add anyone right now. Annual leases begin April 1st and are $1095. Our waiting list has 18 people on it. Send your contact info, address, what you are looking for (RV spot or tent spot) and I will put you on our list in case we add more people next year. Text info to 910-524-2195. Thank you! Carla Brinker


  2. hi! i would like to rent the house up on the left up on the hill. just me, one person. can you give me price ranges? ive stayed there before and love it. thanks allison collins


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